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10th May 2006

kazaa_tanjiro1:54pm: Tanjiro opened the door to his small two-room apartment, and then stepped aside to let the three other shinobis following him inside. He blushed slightly when he realized what dissarray the place actuallt was in; he had never noticed before, since he never really cared about what people thought.

It somehow felt a little different with the envoys from the other villages.

"Well... this is my place. Ehm..." The usual head-scratching-motion that he always made when he got a little uncertain or nervous was made again. "You can sit down on the sofa if you want to..." he hurriedly pushed a few of the laundry-piles that occupied the couch aside, "and i'll go fetch the scroll. It won't take long, i just left it on the kitchen-table. I think..."

He walked out of the small hallway/livingroom-space to the even smaller kitchen.

((open to: x_kitsunetsuki, nyuubai, kousa))

1st May 2006

engeki5:28pm: It has been three days, twelve hours, and fourty-seven minutes since we left. Saiyomi noted, staring at a brass pocketwatch, kept on her person out of both habit and a need for strict schedule. Noticing the bubbling in the pot she was tending, she called out to her blonde counterpart in a slightly raised yet impassive voice. "Hyouden-sama, our meal is ready. You should come quickly before it cools." Saiyomi also noted that they were ahead of schedule. Always a good thing. Tsuyu had turned out to be one of the more well-liked partners, being that she was quiet and only asked questions that were necessary. They had worked well enough together so far, though no battle situations had arisen to test their skills as of yet. They were moving ever closer to the Fire country's borders, however, and saiyomi sensed it was only a matter of time.

Hopefully it would get interesting soon.

25th April 2006

kogoeshinu10:14pm: Tsuyu Hyouden stood placidly in front of her superior and slowly began to grow angry. What was this shit, anyway? Everyone knew she didn’t do the whole partner thing. In fact, she would outright refuse if this mission was not so important to Kirigakure.

“I see.” She said flatly, shifting her gaze to the young girl who had just entered the cramped room. She seemed jus a tad too young for this sort of mission. What was this moron thinking?

The kid better not slow me down. she thought, brows knitting. Otherwise, I might just dispose of her.

Tsuyu offered no bow in return, as she thought it unwise to take her eyes from the girl. Instead, she uttered a terse grunt and proceeded to reach for the scroll in Ippuu’s hand.

“I accept. Let us begin.”
besshi9:34pm: Tomeo Ippuu, Kirikage's official mission handler and general go-fer, was busy rolling a small, sealed scroll with his fingers absentmindedly, looking thouroughly bored as he addressed the hunter-nin before him. He outranked him, to be certain, but his job wasn't exactly something you could muster up particular joy about. It kept him, for the most part, out of harm's way, though, so he couldn't complain.

"Another Jounin will be accompanying you on this mission, should you choose to accept it. Her name is Saiyomi Ayatsuru-san, hailing from Hidden Cloud. She's waiting outside in the hallway. I know you like to do the lone wolf thing... but she's usually pretty quiet, from what I've seen. Shouldn't be a problem."

Oh yes. She was quiet. So quiet that it had startled him when the puppeteer had slunk in beside him, bowing politely and notifying him of her arrival. The girl gave him the creeps, to be honest. He'd spent the entire day reading her profile, and it had... shaken him, a bit.

"Quiet." He repeated, looking up into the Jounin's minty eyes. "But... a little odd." He grimaced.

Odd indeed.

[Open to: Saiyomi, Tomeo, and Tsuyu]

22nd April 2006

kazaa_tanjiro12:24pm: When tanjiro finally awoke again from his usually deep slumber (his brother often scolded him for sleeping so deep, he said it was a bad habit for a shinobi who wanted to live past his 20th birthday) he felt a lot better. As he sat down to eat a (very late) breakfast, he finally took his time to read through the scroll he had gotten earlier.

Two persons from the Hidden rain, huh? he thought. And they're supposed to be here... He glanced at the watch on the kitchenwall, and stiffened. ...two hours ago!


He got his sandals and the scarf on in no time at all. Though Tanjiro often got scolded for being late, and not so little lazy, he could hurry up when he had to. He took the way over the roofs to the gate, carefull not to slip from the light rain that had started to pour down in the last hour.

When he landed in front of the gate, he had to look twice to find the two persons that did their best to shelter themselves from the rain beside it. He saw the forehead-protectors with the sign of the Amegakura on it, and he walked over to them.

"Ehhm... I'm sorry for being late," he begun, scratching his head embarrassed.
x_kitsunetsuki2:44am: Golden eyes peered up in awe at the towering front gates of the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Being that her own village was small and without a true Kage of its own, Moujako was not used to such splendor. Yes, she'd been here once before. But it was hard to get used to such grandoise structures.

Amegakure relied on remaining hidden, a dense forest, thick mist, and dangerous beasts making it near impossible to find to those who didn't know the way already. Perchancing upon gigantic gates that declared, "just try and attack our village!" - was most unlikely.

A tall and rather nondescript Jounin was slowly making his way toward them, hair hidden underneath a bandana, hitai-ate around his neck. Nudging at the brunette man beside her in an effort to get him to close his gaping maw, Moujako made her way forward, presenting her papers to him.

The Jounin took them, seeming almost bored, looking them over halfheartedly. "I see." He nodded. "You're the envoys from Hidden Rain. Hokage-sama is attending to some private matters, but we've arranged for someone to show you around. He should be here shortly. Please wait here." With that, he walked off, leaving them by the gates. It wasn't as if they'd try anything funny.

Moujako leaned up against the wall of the gate, looking up at the slow-moving storm clouds that were encroaching on Konoha. It was winter, afterall. Rain was only to be expected. She rubbed her arms for some warmth, looking down at her male companion. "Hnn. Who do you think they got to babysit us?" She sniggered. "Hope he's handsome."
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